Hollie's Homegrown is a small, organic family farm in Moraga, California.  We specialize in growing culinary herbs, herbal teas, and medicinal herbs for bath & body products. Grown to perfection in our own backyard (literally!), we keep a watchful eye on our precious plants like part of the family. 


Hollie is a third-generation organic farmer never using harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. And by employing sustainable growing practices you can feel confident everything at Hollie's Homegrown is safe and healthy for you and the environment.


Thank you for supporting your local farmer! 

-Hollie Lucas-Alcalay, Owner


What we offer:
Hollie's Holiday Brine Instructions
We are seasonal, so not all of our products are always available (this ensures the freshest ingredients). Click on Etsy to shop for our current available products!

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