Hollie's Culinary Products Include:

Dried Herbs
Culinary Salts
Herb Infused Olive Oils
Herb Infused Vinegars
Herbal Honeys

Herbs de Moraga

Our California-grown version of the traditioanl classic, "Herbs de Provence", with a few additions of our own! Heavenly on roasted veggies, chicken, eggs or add to your favorite soups. We air dry all our culinary herbs and flowers whole to preserve the flavor.  When you're ready to use, place them in your hands and rub together, then  sprinkle on to your sauces, salads, soups, vegetables, poultry, and meats.  Store in a cool, dry place and they will last at least over a year.

Ingredients: Rosemary, Savory, Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Bay, Sage, and a pinch of Lavender

Culinary Salts:
Our culinary salts are a blend of locally sourced from Pacific waters (Sonoma Gourmet Sea Salt) and my herbs.  I searched high and low for local salt because of my commitment to only using local products with my own! This salt is the only commercially produced sea salt west of the Mississippi; harvested from ponds here in Northern California and has no additional caking agents, just pure Pacific Ocean sea salt!

Amethyst Basil (Deep purple color with traditional basil taste)
Basil & Sweet Pepper (Classic Italian combo, no heat, just authentic flavor)
BBQ Blend (Just the right herbal combo for grilling and roasting)
Chili de Arbol (Spicy goodness that packs a heat punch)
Lemon Basil (Just a hint of lemon scent, with basil)
Lemon & Marigold (Citrus bliss, adds rich lemon flavor)
Nasturtium (peppery flavor, bright colorful flowers)
Orange & Marigold (Bright Orange scent, fresh orange flavor)
Rosemary Salt (Tuscan rosemary variety, authentic Mediterranean)
Smoked Salt (deep smoky flavor)
Herb Infused Olive Oils:
Our extra virgin olive oil is infused with our fabulous, organic herbs.  The flavor is rich and full bodied, making them perfect for a dipping or finishing a dish - Enjoy!


Bronze Fennel

Lemon Thyme

Picante (hot!) Pepper 
Tuscan Rosemary 
Herb Infused Vinegars:
Our Herb Infused Vinegars, made from organic white wine vinegar and my herbs. The herbal flavors are an elegant touch for salads, marinades, and dipping.

Dill (Classic on cucumbers and sliced tomatoes)
French Tarragon (Deep Tarragon flavor)
Lemon Verbena (Lemon scent for vinaigrette and marinades)
Mint Julep (Bright Mint flavor, perfect for salads and light fare)
Rose & Lavender (Blush color, heavenly scented)
Herbal Honeys
Working with a local beekeeper, we are happy in introduce our incredible Herb Infused, Raw Honeys. (Raw means we don't heat it over 100 degrees, so we preserve honeys natural, medicinal integrity). For millions of years, bees have evolved into an extraordinary species. They build efficient, self-sustaining systems where everyone has a vital job and as a community (hive) they've created contingency plans to adapt to whatever curve ball mother nature throws at them.  More recently, hives are being threatened faster than the bees can evolve to recover, and some research points to pesticide use as part of the declining bee population problem.  Fortunately they have found a safe haven at Hollie's Homegrown, where they can enjoy our flowering herbs daily (a bees favorite thing!).
Rose Petal
Spicy Pepper Honey (Hollie's Chili de Arbol peppers - hot!)
Herbs de Moraga:
1 Jar $12

Culinary Salts:
$8 each


Olive Oils:

$8 each

$8 each
$12 each